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Off-Peak HR’ is a new service that we are offering that puts you in control of the price, and terms, of your external HR-related requirements.

HR Consultants tend to charge premium rates to reflect their level of experience; the complexity of the work needing to be done; and, the urgency of the matter.

But what about work that is less urgent, or less complex, but which you still want to be undertaken by an experienced HR professional?

Off-Peak HR’ takes advantage of the fact that not all of the contracts we undertake are run consecutively without any gaps, or, for that matter necessarily always start when we expect them to. Similarly, you may have a list of HR-related things that you’d like to get done, which are important but not necessarily urgent.

This creates an opportunity for us to help you with your less urgent HR work, whilst you determine what the value of that work is to you – i.e. the maximum you’d be prepared to pay for it – and when you need it done by.

For example, you may want…

  • An external perspective on some policy proposals you have written, or
  • A second opinion on a legal challenge/individual grievance you have received, or
  • One or more HR policies written that are compliant with UK law
  • A pre-audit assessment of your department’s policies and procedures
  • A short investigation to be undertaken
  • Research on an HR-related issue


If you have a task on the above list (or something similar that I haven’t specifically mentioned) just let me know:

  • WHAT – you need to be done
  • HOW MUCH – it is worth to you
  • WHEN – you need it done by


In return, we’ll let you know if we have the scope to meet your deadline. We won’t quibble or try to negotiate on price*, because the value of the same type of work differs from one person to another, and who are we to say that you should pay more, or value it higher?

If we expect you to trust us with your work, then we most definitely trust you to set the right price. We want you to tell others that we delivered excellent value for money.

*   other than for the addition of VAT and any necessary, and agreed travel expenses